Longjing Tea

Yuchacun Longjing, the highest type of Chinese traditional green tea, comes from Yuezhou region, one of the three certified Longjing producion regions in China.


The most commonly enjoyed variety of Japanese green tea is sencha. the freshly-picked tea leaves are steamed and then dried as they are rolled.

Organic Steamed Green Tea

Organic steamed green tea (Sencha) is a high quality green tea whose raw material is processed, wrapped, stored and transported strictly complying to the organic agriculture processing system and methods.


The finest grade of Japanese green tea, gyokuro is sweet with a unique and mildly astringent aroma and umami.

Matcha Production Process

Matcha is a kind of high quality powder-formed green (it is smahed powder, not instant tea powder), whose raw material leaves (named Tencha) is harvested by Japanese methods, and smashed into powder by certain machines, Matcha is a kind of very tiny powder-formed tea (about a diameter of 200 meshes to 1500 meshes (about 5 μm to 75 μm) Matcha is known for its green color, fresh aroma and taste. It is used as a kind of natural additives in many fields such as cosmetic, ice cream, bread, toothpaste, biscuit etc. Our Matcha are harvested by Japanese method, EU and Japan compliant, annual output is 200T, and they are graded into many grades for different customers. Meanwhile, we produce Green Tea Powder, which is also a kind of powder-formed green tea, made of Japanese Sencha, and can be also used as a kind of additives in ice cream, bread and so on.

History of Chinese Tea

China, the cradle of tea plant. Tea has experienced from wild growing to cultivation, from medicinal using to daily beverage, from rough processed to elaborate processed, from single kind to diversities.Chinese tea and tea culture were spreaded to overseas such as Japan and then lndonesia, lndia, Vietnam, Russia, etc in Tang Dynasty (A.D.804). After the foundation of People’s Republic of China in 1949, the government had assigned many experts abroad to help foreign countries to develop their tea industries. Tea trees are planted on massive areas in South China, where produces the most large quantity of tea in the world, and Zhejiang province is one of the productive areas in China. Chinese tea production has been rising all the time since 1990, while the planting areas are fluctuating. lt’s mainly because that many tea farms are reconstructed and extended, on the other hand, the new species introduction and application is an important factor too. The production and planting of black tea are diminishing and not stable until 2002 while green tea, long and special tea are rising, especially for green tea.

Our Factory

Shaoxing YUCHACUN has established the modern tea manufacture factory , with machines and automatic production lines mainly introduced from Japan since 1993. And from then, we have been updating these lines constantly in accordance with the market demands and the customers’ requirements. Up to now, we have these facilities as follows: 6 Sencha production lines, annual output is 2000T. 4 Hongqing and Steamed Hongqing production lines, annual output is 800T. 6 Tencha production lines, annual output is 200T. One Longjing workshop, annual output is lOT. One tea fanning workshop , annual output is 300T. 

Manufacturing Process


The company plantations are located in Zhejiang, China, including the gardens that comply with EU standard and Japanese standard, organic standard gardens, Mulberry tea gardens, Chrysanthemum tea gardens and Eucommia tea gardens ,etc., totally about 8004000 square metres. Sustainable development and harmony with the nature are basic principles for the Modern tea Farm. The company has been developing modern ecological plantations from the very beginning, it is not only prevents soil erosion, but also a boost in production and products quality. In 1998, We started to make trials on organic producing, and obtained the Organic certificates in 2001 by China Tea Research Institute. Up to now, there are about 667000 square metres of tea farms are managed in accordance with the organic agriculture production system and method, and certified by IMO.

Organic Products

There is a need of awarness regarding the production, sale and consumption of organic foods both as a concern for the enviroment and a concern for human health. Furthermore, it reflects an interest in strenthening communities, and the relationship within them. Due to increasing tea-consuming awarness and health consciousness and rapid growth of organic tea markets worldwide, a concept of organic tea farming has been developing in our company, and the organic products are certified by both the China Tea Research Institute and The Insitute for Marketecology (IMO).

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